Any entrepreneur looking to establish a presence in the lucrative UAE market encounters numerous options.


While many choose free zone or standard mainland business setup, a branch office is a great alternative if you are looking for a local market presence while retaining 100% ownership of your business.


Branch offices are regarded as an extension of their international parent company in Dubai.


They have no legal identity of their own, but they remain liable for their activities.


The main advantage of establishing a branch office in Dubai is permission to carry out business activities in the UAE and make profits.


It should be noted, however, that the branch office can only perform those operations that are similar to those performed in the home country by its parent company.


There are many good reasons to consider setting up a branch office for a company – from favorable tax treatment to gaining a foot in a new market.


How to set up a branch office in the UAE:


If you are looking for a presence in the UAE and are convinced of a branch office’s advantages, the good news is that setting up is incredibly straightforward. The entire process consists of four steps.


Next, choose which company structure best suits your needs. Various types of branch offices offer various advantages.


A representative office is the ideal solution for those who only want to drive business to a company established elsewhere.


If you want to trade in the UAE but continue to manage your business abroad, the best options are a corporate shareholder or branch office.


However, a subsidiary is the way to go if you want to set up an independently managed company in the UAE.


After which assemble the paperwork you need. If your branch selection includes a corporate shareholder, now is the time to start compiling and certifying the parent company’s relevant corporate documents.


These include: certificate of incorporation ; memorandum and articles of association or incumbency certificate / certificate of good standing ; board resolution resolving the incorporation of the new company ; power of attorney giving the person in charge of the new company the general / limited power of attorney.


Finally, it’s time to apply for a licence. You can apply for your branch license once you have confirmed that all the paperwork meets the license criteria.


And there’s everything to it. If you want to build a presence in the UAE market, take advantage of the attractive tax regime of the country, or ‘ try before you buy ‘ in a new market, then start the process of setting up a branch office today and you could be trading within weeks.


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